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Venetian Shores

About Venetian Shores

Venetian Shores is a neighborhood located just south of Mile Marker 86 in flood zone AE6 to VE12. Most of the homes in Venetian Shores are located on open canals and have outstanding access to both the ocean side and the bay side of the Islands. Access to the Ocean is through Snake Creek Drawbridge, which is currently opening on the hour. The Venetian Shores Homeowners Association is a good resource for prospective buyers.

A note on plugged canals

It is important to note that there are homes in Venetian Shores that are listed as waterfront, but are located on plugged canals. Though there has been talk among residents that these canals should be opened, as of August 15th, 2017 there is no official plan to do so. There is a marina that offers owners of these locked canals the opportunity to have a boat slip relatively close by. The association that manages these boat slips is the Venetian Shores Yachting Association. The majority of homes within Venetian Shores are located on wide (and deep) canals, making it an ideal place for owners of larger powerboats as well as sailboats. More information about this neighborhood can be found below the listings for sale.

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What to know about the area

Venetian Shores is a highly desirable area for those looking for water front and canal front homes. As such, the prices rarely dip under $1,000,000, and if they do, chances are the home is on a plugged canal, or is in need of repair or updating.

Settling Issues

Some of the homes in Venetian Shores have settling issues. While most of the homes were set on pilings or pins, many times the surrounding sidewalks and areas experience settling. Use a licensed home inspector and a qualified licensed general contractor to ascertain the extent of the problem if you believe this is a problem. Many times you would be surprised to find it’s not always expensive or difficult to fix.

Spalling Issues

Some of the homes are older, and concrete homes may have spalling damage. While Spalling is common throughout The Keys, it is important to treat the affected area quickly, and repaint, to ensure the damage is not exacerbated by exposing more of the metal to salt air.

It is important to use a real estate professional within The Florida Keys. The information in this webpage is most certainly not all inclusive, and using someone who knows AND cares to make sure you are well informed is crucial to help avoid an expensive mistake.

Flood Zone information for Venetian ShoresVenetian Shores Flood Map

Flood zones in the neighborhood range from AE6 to 12. While there is more information than you would most likely want to read required to understanding flood zones, you can read a Keys Life Magazine article by John Gallant (Broker of Blue 9 Realty) by clicking here. The condensed version, is that towards the center of the neighborhood is a better flood zone (AE6), and the closer you get to open water, the higher the flood zone (EL12). The numbers represent the height in feet that the lowest level of the house should be.

There are exemptions for homes built before 1978, but it’s not an exemption from having to pay an extra premium for flood insurance, should you be required (or elect) to do so. My broker likes to recommend Anna Richards from Massey Richards Surveying.

Is flood insurance required?

Flood insurance is NOT always required. Flood insurance may be required by a lender if there is a mortgage on the property. Your choice to insure, or not insure, should be based on your ability to tolerate risk, a careful assessment of your risk, and weighed against potential loss. A real Estate Agent or Broker should refer you to a knowledgeable and licensed insurance provider. My Broker likes to recommend Joe Roth, III of Reagan Insurance.

What is the next step if I am interested in Venetian Shores?

Call us. It’s not a sales pitch, I really mean it. We are very knowledgeable about the area, prices, and pitfalls within the neighborhood. We have the ability to help both buyers and sellers within this neighborhood. With the bay front and canal home sales we have had in VS we have the tools to help attain your goals. There are a number of things I can do to make sure the maximum value of you home is presented to potential buyers. For buyers, I am able to give you unique insights into homes that are priced attractively. There is a real, measurable value in using the right real estate agent. So, call or email us, we are interested in hearing from you whether you are ready to buy years from now, or tomorrow.